Support Us

They are several ways you can support our fundraising efforts and keep us motivated and focused, so we can achieve our goal of helping people disfranchised and disadvantaged by this crime. We appreciate you.


You can buy our T-shirt’s and Apparel from our shop here. Please note the link will take you to an external site run by All financial transactions are done directly be them. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Thank you for your purchase.

We also like to encourage people to develop and create their own content for exposure and to fund their lifestyles . We will be developing courses to teach people how to make that work process possible and easier to manage. As targeted individuals we understand the difficulties experienced by individuals as they try to get their voices heard. We are http://www.iamnotaprototype we encourage Freedom of Expression provided you are not doing harm to others within our community Learn how to design you own content with my Art development course. Please register to show an interest on our courses page here


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