Stop Torture

In a recent development, the United Nations have accelerated their campaign to expose the existence of torture related practices within Governments of Cybertorture. Cybertorture is a horiffic experience that leaves a victim totally devastated and truamatised. So why are some targeted individuals in denial about the consequence of this trauma. Why are other communities who have experience trauma like the refugees community treated with validation, dignity and respect when seeking treatment of their trauma. While Targeted Individuals are being forced to hide and cope alone with this horrendous.

Why is talking about Trauma such a taboo in our community?

How are we going to address the issues affecting our Targeted individuals so we can seek compensation and address the issues so we can regain our dignity and humanity .


What is a targeted Individual?

Our goal as an arts based platform is to empower individuals to be able to articulate themselves though the Art. Give a voice to the silenced. We acknowledge that art can be a therapeutic process to encourage good health and wellbeing among individuals in particular those who have experienced trauma and ongoing traumatic experiences

Its okay to express your anger. Let it all out

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