Using Social Media to your advantage as a Targeted Individual

Most Targeted Individual are obsessed about keeping records of their abuses in many various ways except social media. They try to hide or embellish whats really happening to them for fear of being exposed or ridiculed etc. We can never truly know or tell anyone how to live their life. But can only advise inContinue reading “Using Social Media to your advantage as a Targeted Individual”

Nils Melzer Stepping Down

Its devastating to learn that UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is stepping down in March 2022, a few months to soon before his scheduled departure in September 2022. Mr Melzer announced that his sudden departure was due to over lapping jobs and conflict of interest. MrContinue reading “Nils Melzer Stepping Down”

A Gilded Cage is still a cage

I have not been able to update this website in a manner that I would like. I am experiencing brain hacking issues and aggressive assaults to slow any development and progress of the movement to get us Targeted Individuals justice. I am being frustrated & made to feel inadequate and incapable of developing this platformContinue reading “A Gilded Cage is still a cage”

Man Post on Twitter using his Thoughts Alone

According to various news reports published December 28 2021, Philip O’Keefe has become the first person to post a tweet on social media with his thoughts alone, after losing the ability to use his limbs to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which left him paralysed. Mr O’Keefe had a brain implant inserted in his skull to enableContinue reading “Man Post on Twitter using his Thoughts Alone”

Targeted Individual Reward Fund

Did you know they was a reward set up by David Voigts, a former Naval Officer and a Targeted Individual, for the successful prosecution of perpetrators behind unethical practices of torture and abuse with direct energy weapons. If you have any information and want to submit a tip, please contact David Vigoits directly through hisContinue reading “Targeted Individual Reward Fund”

Chile becames the first country to adopt NeuroRights for its citizens

To abdicate the danger of mind control technologies, Chile has become the first country in the world to pass a bill, advocating for NeuroRights for its citizens. The bill will safeguard citizens from invasive and none integral brain adaptions including mind control, mind reading and invasive interference. On Wednesday 29 September 2021, Chile announced thatContinue reading “Chile becames the first country to adopt NeuroRights for its citizens”


Dear Fellow Targeted Individuals, After decades in which our human rights have been abused in the most abject manner, we have decided to become firmly committed to the legal defense of victims. We did this by selecting a renowned criminal lawyer who found a way to include victims around the world in our complaint. Indeed,Continue reading “ICATOR TARGETED INDIVIDUALS LAWSUIT”

Stop Torture

“There is a worldwide accountability gap for torture and ill-treatment,” Nils Melzer, UN special rapporteur on torture and inhumane treatment, said in presenting a report on accountability. “Torture and ill-treatment are almost always a systemic problem, but scapegoating individuals allows States to deny the existence of structural or systemic patterns and evade their duty to take effectiveContinue reading “Stop Torture”