Targeted Individual’s UN Global Petition

Over 10 years ago, Targeted Individuals spoke at the Bioethics event organised by the US Government to expose the impact of none ethical bio weapons testing and experimentation going on. So we know, the US Government know about Targeted individuals. The question is why are they not doing anything about it.

We understand that Targeted Individuals experience difficulties when trying to attend protests and campaigns exposing this crime. We wanted to make it easy for Targeted Individuals by creating a platform where all targeted individuals can submit their petitions and these will be present to Policy makers involved in International law and Human Rights Development. They can not ignore us. We have identified Organisations that direct governments around the globe to implement policy change and improve on human rights as effective places to direct our petition. To get change on the ground, we have to go to the top. So Get involved. What have you got left to lose?

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