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Winnie Mangwende – Founder & Director of Operations and http://www.iamnotaprototype.com
My Story
The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

I was inspired by Brene Brown talk on the Power of Vulnerability to be able to tell my story without shame, fear or hindrance. I want to help targeted individuals to do the same for their lives and themselves

Volunteer Collaborators & Associates make this platform a community it is today. Each Volunteer Collaborator is an expert in their area of practice. Skills precipitated by life experience, academically or general interest. All members of our team are dedicated to the cause and are working towards the Change, Justice, Health and Wellbeing of Targeted individuals. Because this is sensitive role Volunteer Collaborators are requested to undertake a period of Self Development to understand their requirements within the organisation. Volunteer Collaborators have first offer of Employment when funding becomes available.

Karen Propst

Volunteer Collaborator

Campaigner for Equality and Justice.

Fabianne Deacon

Volunteer Collaborator

Volunteer Collaborator Campaigner for Policy Change and Development

Madeline Delphine James


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