Using Social Media to your advantage as a Targeted Individual

Most Targeted Individual are obsessed about keeping records of their abuses in many various ways except social media. They try to hide or embellish whats really happening to them for fear of being exposed or ridiculed etc. We can never truly know or tell anyone how to live their life. But can only advise in the interest of truth, transparency and justice. We need to hold perpetrators accountable. So your online journal could hold the key to who your perpetrators are. Using the evidence held in those social media posts like your GPS location coordinates , whats happening to you and how. We are documenting our situation in real time and who knows how the information can help us in the future. I believe they is no harm making it one of our practice in evidence gathering. Sometimes we can not always complete the equation but it can give our situation a better start with the forensics aspect of the social media record if ever its ever required to compare records of US Military satellites, Drones or black ops helicopters movements at the time. Give what you do purpose and never feel that its completely hopeless. Its just critical action being done before its time. In future we hope all reports of targeting will be immediately addressed and dealt with accordingly. No one should be expected to suffer like this.

Thank you for your time.

Winnie Mangwende

Founder and Director

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I am the Founder of I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual

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