A Gilded Cage is still a cage

I have not been able to update this website in a manner that I would like. I am experiencing brain hacking issues and aggressive assaults to slow any development and progress of the movement to get us Targeted Individuals justice. I am being frustrated & made to feel inadequate and incapable of developing this platform by the very perpetrators denying me my freedom and freewill. This is why I bought this domain and started blogging in 2017. Now most posts are in archive, main purpose has always been to inform the world about challenges & struggles we are facing as Targeted Individuals. I am currently being kept prisoner in my home with direct energy weapons & my freewill around my home is denied or restricted. Also continue to experience pain associated with torture & abuse with direct energy weapons.

Published by Winnie Mangwende

I am the Founder of www.Iamnotaprototype.com. I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual

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