Man Post on Twitter using his Thoughts Alone

A greetings card designed in 1938 send by Herbert Jasper, Pioneer in Electroencephalogram (EEG) illustrating the capabilities of an EEG to read the mind.

According to various news reports published December 28 2021, Philip O’Keefe has become the first person to post a tweet on social media with his thoughts alone, after losing the ability to use his limbs to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which left him paralysed. Mr O’Keefe had a brain implant inserted in his skull to enable him to communicate his thoughts via a brain to computer interface.

‘I created this just by thinking it’: Paralysed man, 62, is first person to tweet a message using his MIND thanks to tiny brain implant

As an organisation we want to highlight that unethical and immoral practices are happening in the field of Brain Research to Targeted Individuals around the world, with similar or even more advanced neuro technologies used for mind reading & mind control without an individuals prior knowledge or consent.

Chile becames the first country to adopt NeuroRights for its citizens

Many examples of Targeted Individuals going into hospital for one medical procedure and waking up with implants in their bodies is not uncommon within our community. People are being used as guinea pigs in experiments by Individuals and organisations with interests in research, commercial and military applications of digital and emerging technologies. We have a serious unethical and immoral issue happening around the world.

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