Dear Fellow Targeted Individuals,

After decades in which our human rights have been abused in the most abject manner, we have decided to become firmly committed to the legal defense of victims. We did this by selecting a renowned criminal lawyer who found a way to include victims around the world in our complaint. Indeed, the members of ICATOR who are Belgian residents, as well as the association itself, will be the plaintiffs, while foreign residents will be witnesses in this case.

Our goal is to create a precedent in Belgian justice, which should lead in any other country whatsoever to a judicial decision just as favorable to the victims. Indeed, the state has a duty to protect its citizens. Otherwise it is guilty of complicity and negligence.

After all national remedies have been exhausted; we have the right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Our lawyer has decided to launch criminal and non-civil proceedings, for the simple reason that this will allow us to obtain a specially-appointed judge to lead the proceedings. If there are indications of a crime, the examining magistrate can initiate an investigation at the request of the public prosecutor or victims who become a civil party. The investigating judge can hear witnesses and suspects and appoint experts.

If necessary the investigating judge can also order binding measures, such as:
• Search and seizure;
• The arrest and charge of a suspect;
• The questioning of the accused;
• Telecommunications research;
• Body search;
• Surveillance of telecommunications (telephone tapping);
• DNA analysis.
When the judge has completed his investigation, he transmits the file to the public prosecutor.

If you want to participate in this legal case, please join ICATOR as a member, if you have not already done so. The annual membership fee is € 60 for a regular member and € 120 for a supporting member.

To join us, you will find the link for our GoFundMe page as well as our IBAN number,

Donate on our Bank Account:
Account holder : ICATOR
IBAN number : BE22 0017 8406 7547

if you decide to make a bank transfer. We draw your attention to the fact that if you choose GoFundMe as your payment method, you will have to add an additional € 10, because GoFundMe takes a commission. If you are already a member and if the membership fee for this year has been paid simply renew it at the end of December 2021 for the New Year.

As a member of ICATOR, you are eligible to participate in legal proceedings conducted by our association. If you want to participate, we invite each of you to donate € 100 so that our lawyer can initiate the legal process and acquire the forensic expertise that initiates it.

We invite you to use the GoFundMe and add an additional € 10, because this page is intended for donations from all over the world. Once the € 15,000 necessary for the legal expertise have been gathered, we will launch the legal process immediately. You will receive legal forms to fill out and explanations concerning it. We will create sworn translations so that you can express yourself in your native language.

Our lawyer and his team will review and assess all of your evidence. Then, the investigating judge will hear you. Given the alarming rate of deaths, whether caused by these weapons or by suicide, our aim is to raise the necessary funds immediately so that an investigating judge can be assigned to our case right away.

We also send confirmation letters to recognize your donations and contributions to our cause. Once our goal is reached, you will be immediately notified of the start of the legal process and will receive further information about it.

In the hope that your contributions will enable us to launch the legal process as soon as possible, please accept, dear members, dear victims, my best regards,

Melanie Vritschan
President – Website https://icator.be/


Published by Winnie Mangwende

I am the Founder of www.Iamnotaprototype.com. I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the inquiry. http://www.imnotaprototype.com is an information based platform. We urge Targeted Individuals to do their own due diligence when dealing with external sites. Our goal is to make Targeted Individuals aware of developments happening around the globe that maybe of interest to them. We want to showcase Targeted Individuals developments that we feel have their best interest at heart. I hope its helps.

    Winnie Mangwende,
    Founder and Director http://www.iamnotaprototype.com

  2. How can anyone be sure what we send to you will get to you and the info you would send us would get to us. I even have trouble with comments like these posting on many sites. That is why we are targeted individuals, we have no rights, not even the peace of mind trusting who we are exchanging info with, either by phone, e-mail or any other type of venue.

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